Visiting Bieszczady : Tourist Guide

Autor: Wojciech Zatwarnicki

Tytuł: Visiting Bieszczady : Tourist Guide

Wydanie: I

Miejsce wydania:

Wydawca: Libra PL

Rok wydania: 2017

Ilość stron: 88

Oprawa: Miękka ze skrzydełkami

Wymiary: 12,0 x 21,0 cm

ISBN: 9788363526054

EAN: 9788363526054

Visiting Bieszczady. The travel guide is a set of historical and practical information about the most interesting places of this extraordinary land. Descriptions of the most interesting hiking, biking trails and ski routes were included. Besides, information about periodic Bieszczady events and places especially worth a look were also added. It is hard not to be influenced by the mountain pastures, Bieszczady lakes and untouched nature. It is said that once someone visits the Bieszczady Mountains, he or she will only come back there throughout their lives. Here on the land of Bieszczady you can meet a bear, a wolf and a lynx in the natural environment. This all in a landscape which you will not find anywhere else and amongst extraordinary people. Churches, shrines, feral orchards, abandoned cemeteries are dumb witnesses to turbulent and multicultural history of the region. The author of the travel guide, Wojciech Zatwarnicki, is a journalist and photojournalist. He has been related with Bieszczady since birth. Although his passion and work made it possible to travel around the world, learn about other cultures, amazing places, wonderful people, however, the Bieszczady Mountains and their discovery provide the highest dose of excitement. (Opis pochodzi ze strony wydawcy Libra PL)